Banjjak Photo Studio is the perfect place to take your professional or personal photos. We have all the equipment and facilities you need, and we're located right in the heart of Luxembourg city - making it easy and convenient for you to get the best photos possible. Our affordable rates make it easy for everyone to get the photos they want, without breaking the bank. Book your space today without any hassle!

Studio Equipement 

Lights - Godox SL-150, Godox SL-100, Godox SK-300*2

Modifiers - Godox octa 120 + grid, Godox 30x120 + grid, Godox Umbrella 84, Godox Reflector x2

Light Stands - Godox 280 x2, Wheels pack of 3x2

Back Drops - White, Beige and Dark Grey

House Rules

Just like any studio, we have house rules and protocols to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience. We like to maintain a happy, no drama atmosphere we lead with humility and implore you to have respect for your instructors, staff, and fellow photographers


Minimum reservation time of the Banjjak Photo Studio is 1 hour.

The reservation starts at the time you booked the studio and not when you arrived.

In case of availability, you can extend your reservation in 30 min increments.

Studio Reservation

Photo Studio reservation considered final upon receiving full payment.

By booking Banjjak Photo Studio for any purpose, you agree to follow our

Terms & Conditions.

The renter of the studio should be sure that all other persons using or occupying the studio are also familiar with these rules and follow them.

Studio Capacity

The maximum amount of people that can be present during the photo studio reservation is 5 persons.

If you have a bigger project, please contact us directly to discuss your project.

Damage & Loss

Before each session starts, we will go through all equipment and make sure everything is in order. In case we have missed something, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately about the malfunction.

In case of damage of the equipment the renter must compensate the cost of the equipment directly at the spot.

Please respect the area around you and keep it tidy. In the event of excess cleaning, we will have to charge you a flat fee of 75€ plus TVA.

Absolutely Forbidden

  • Use paint, powders, and liquids that may affect the studio interior and electronic equipment;

  • Smoke inside and outside of the studio;

  • Touch lighting bulbs with bare hands;

  • Cut background paper just to remove small blemishes on the paper;

  • Step on background paper with outside shoes. If outside shoes are required for a photo session, please use a towel and water to wipe them clean;

Cancellation Policy

We get it - sometimes things do not go according to plan. You can reschedule your booking free of charge.

Sometimes you need to cancel the booking completely. In this case , you will get:

  • 100% refund if you contact us 72h before the start of your booking;

  • 75% refund if you contact us between 72h and 24h before the start of your booking.

  • No refund if you contact us less than 24h before the start of your booking;

Note that in case of partial refund, you can use 25% as a deposit for your future bookings with us.